"My dedication in beads embroidery"

By: pepari

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Friday, 16-May-2008 10:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Project for Syida JB

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My Dearest Syida,

Sorry sangat sbb buat baju sedari jadi pekasam haha.. no lah.. sorry for keep it too long.

Sorry gak for all yg visit my fp nih sbb i keep silence for quite some times... a few factors actually, busy? yes i am.. now dah masuk sales.. keluar buat sales then balik have to do all administrative jobs.. yada yada.. balik malam.. believe me, nak bukak my personal mail pun tak teringat. so sorry for those yg drop an email to me.. i luv u guys...

So this is baju kurung green color for Syida.. i luv the color very much.. ijau ape nih eh? tatau nak ckp.. my 1st attempt buat design ni.. i think i saw this design somewhere back in kl.. cant remember which boutique.. bila belek2 price tag die alamak.. letak balik la hahahaha.... so i modified a bit coz the original design ada sequin gantung, i memang tak bape gemar jenis sequin or beads yg org buat ber tali2 cam tu.. maybe next time kene try gak.. a few coming, dah amik gambar tak sempat nak edit..... alasan sangat daku ini hehehe..

ok guys, enjoy these piccasss...

Close up lengan...

Ur comment is most welcome, please, u can critic my design.. i wud luv to know for improvement. TQ

Monday, 18-Feb-2008 02:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hello!! Live in JB

Hai everyone... Sorry for not updating my fp due to my biziness haha... Well i managed to complete a few projects but i didnt snap the photos.. So mengharap kan belas simpati owner of the baju to forward to me later.

Kindly be informed that I had transferred to JB now..... So no more based in KL.. so welcome Johorian or Sporean yg minat dgn beads works ni hehe

Itu yg tak sempat update fp nih coz bz dgn kerja² pemindahan... Banyak lagi yg tak settle.. Btw, Syida, your baju almost complete dah..I'allah by this week i dapat siap kan... kerja kat tempat baru ni banyak pulak..masuk² terus kena gear 5... I think lagi hassle dari my previous job, but i kinda love it.

Thanks for those yg concern tanya mana update... tunggu ye..

ini lah tudung for Ermie for her reception... no close up..sorry..

happy couple

Monday, 14-Jan-2008 07:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Project for K Norul

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Baju: Kebaya with kain batik sutera
Manik: Tabur Abstract

This kebaya is fantastic!! Terasa macam org dedolu hehehe.. What i meant is, the kebaya is so classic, with the material yg ala ala cam kasa rubia (dunno exactly what type of material haha)..then combined plak ngan batik sutera brown and black...

At first I wanted to do the beadings accordingly the design from the kain...but then, after a few thoughts, i decided to changed it into abstract design. Why? Because, with this nice and beautiful white kebaya, I think its a waste if i made a design that can only match with the original kain...It would be the best if K Norul can match it wiuth others kain...so kire cam untung la kan sket, leh bergaya dgn macam2 jenis kain...

The theme for this design is Bali...I think this is the first time i made a design that really focus on one theme,,,Dunno why Bali, but i want something classy, dramatic and yet elegant. I want the person to look beauty in the whole appearance... It was tough for me to complete this design as i didnt draw or sketch on the fabric..100% based on my imagination hahaha (padan muke hehe)..so when it came to the other side of half kebaya, alamak!!! cemana nak buat? so what i did was tanda a few key point as indicative for me...Phew...lepas ni kene beli la pen to sketch on fabric...


The whole baju...

Sunday, 13-Jan-2008 17:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Project for Ermie

the whole baju
bawah baju
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Baju: Kebaya moden
Material: Net & Satin
Occasion: Wedding Reception

This project is sligthly different from others. This time is for big event for Ermie..her wedding next Feb..OMG tak sampai sebulan lagi Ermie!!!... Theme color light purple or should i called it lilac? Combination of grey and lilac. Sweet color.

At first Ermie just nak buat manik kat tudung je which is tak siap lagi hehe..but then looking at her baju i think its too simple for her reception. Plus all my officemates pun said so.. so i suggest her to add some beads and sequin... For her tudung, she bought her own kain..which i dunno what type of materials, then have to cut it into tudung bawal size then do the beading...I just collected the tudung from tailor this evening..Surprisingly its quite difficult to find tailor yg boleh buat jahit tepi for tudung...most of them ckp taleh nak buat sbb they dont have the machine or wut i dunno la...according to them jahit tepi for tudung requires smaller type of jahit tepi...lucky i found this kedai yg boleh buat...ok stop talking bout tudung yg tak siap lagi tu hahaha

So for this project, i used combination of oval stone, sequin, hexagon and round shape beads. I think i used more than 5 types of beads for her baju... The hardest part is when u want to sew on the net...very tough sbb kain tu jarang..pepaham je la kain net ni kan..then fragile some more... so have to xtra careful tanak kasi kain rosak and tanak kasi benang nampak... I tried to cover the odd design on the lower part of the baju...I think its quite odd la the biku2 tu..which is too big cam tak bape kena dgn small flowers yg buat baju tu sweet..so to cover up i add manik tabur on top of that part... So as the output, chek this out!!! I hope u look great nanti Ermie!! Cant wait....

my first ever attempt buat bunga rose hehe

Friday, 4-Jan-2008 16:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Project for Along

hujung lengan
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At last... among baju yg awal i terima tempahan, tapi sbb tuan punya badan cakap tak kesah bila siap, so baru skang ni siap nye hehehe...im sorry Along, and thanks for ur understanding.....

Somehow red color bila letak sequin nampak cantik menawan pulak...Actually ni baju lama so ala ala make over la baju dia ni hehe... For her baju, i made manik beriring 2 layers dekat tangan, then badan pulak, i add sequin and beads at roses...Combination of red, orange and gold...

So to Along, hope you satisfy with my artwork....

Yuni: ello geng!! choyyy la kan mek yg tak contact u olss.. ,,, memang makin berisi pun aku haha..thanks for the compliments, nanti kite jumpe ye..
Azi: thanks a lot

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