"My dedication in beads embroidery"

By: pepari

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Wednesday, 5-Aug-2009 16:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Brown Net Lace from Gee

She attached a piece of paper each on top of her baju. Looking at this baju, at first I thought she wanted to enhance the embroidery at the body of this modern kurung... However I was wrong. What she wants actually to add beads at the collar. I went blank. Why? Coz there is no embroidery at collar and its difficult for me to do beading on top of net lace without any support from the embroidery.

Nevertheless, take it as a challenge, I started the beading with enhancing the set of flowes near the collar. From there i constructed my idea for the whole design. Thanks Gee, for another opportunity for me to explore... She actually sent 5 of her kurung to me.... Walla...


Before adding the beads

After adding the beads

Monday, 3-Aug-2009 16:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Another Crumble for Ju Ipoh

As mentioned in my previous entry, this is another project for Ju in Ipoh. A plain baju kurung also beaded for both hands only. I luv the color... Gorgeous u ols!!!

Combination color a bit difference. I used brown as the centre color of design. Totally contra with the material's color. To balance the contra, I added orange beads (size 8/0), and use cream, a touch of red and pink as the highlight of the design. As for the finishing part, I used round gold bead (12/0). I didn't use any of 15/0 beads as the transparent round gold already subtle the whole combination of color.

So enjoy the final touch!!!

Monday, 3-Aug-2009 11:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Another Set of Crumble: Purple vs Pink

This is another set my Crumble collection for my customer in Ipoh; Ju. Combination of range of pink and purple. I added more bright color beads as centre of my Crumble. Quite tough for me to get the correct combination, since the material color is in dark tone.

This project is only for both hands. Thanks to Ju for ur trust in my touch..


Tuesday, 28-Jul-2009 09:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Winner!!!

My Dearest Reader,

I had the winner!!!!! The winner of contest "Spot the Difference" for my new crumble in last entry is Auntie Ida from Keramat. With that, the contest is now closed....

In a mean time, wait for the answer and latest collection soon. Something happened and I need to slow down at this moment. But life must go on rite??

To Johorian yg ada tanya pasal kelas di JB. Please email me personally at peparidsign@gmail.com. Tentative date: 1 or 2 August 2009. Ada niat di hati tapi tak pasti lagi. Jadi sekira ada yg berminat sila email saya ya....

Thank you

Saya doakan yg terbaik untuk anda semua.. Amin....

K CT ~ Boleh je nak belajar.. Nanti email kat saya boleh? Sbb my class selalunya a bit privacy coz kalau buat in big scale susah nak focus.. TQ kak
K Erra ~ So sweet la you.. ... Dah tgk dah kak ur Crumble.. cantik!!!! Keep it up...

Thursday, 23-Jul-2009 06:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Improvision: Crumble for K Fuziah

Improvision of my Crumble design, specifically to match with K Fuziah baju. I really love her baju. Combination of pink and brown really unique yet sangat cantikkkk!!!! Really..

Project for both hands only... Again, I used quite a lot of color combination. The color of silk sarong is unique; not only pink and brown, but also a touch of very light blue and silver and also a ray of purple color... aa amik ko.. Pening daku nak match kan color hahaha.. Seriously, tough for me to think on combination colors....

If you guys can notice what's different this design from my other Crumble.. please email to me at peparidsign@gmail.com ... Who ever can give the correct answer will be the winner... Prize for winner??? You are entitle to get any of Pepari's Crumble design on your favorite baju.... But of course, after Raya Puasa ok???

So peeps, lets guess!!!!!!!


K Izan ~ nice try tapi before this matrix pun ada hex...
Mira ~ silakan cuba design ni.. nanti dah siap bagitau kat kite eh.. hehe
Eja ~ Tak tido dek non... hahaha.. tak tentu la Eja.. Kalo keja banyak aku tido je balik keja tu hehe
K Eeda ~ Ada kristal.. tapi tak banyak..
K Rozza ~ Yg senang nya Crumble ni tak payah lukis dulu... perhaps just a little indicator nak tentukan mana nak letak hex tu..
K Ita ~ Kurang tepat hehe..
Ai ~ Mari la belajar bersama2 hehe.. try la buat.. sure menjadi.. nak join kelas ada gak.. kalau sudi
Umie ~ Silakan..
Sue ~ Amboi jadi mumble terus hahaha..
Eja ~ Hai budak gebu cantik...tabik spring tanak.. jom belanja aku
Datin Haryati ~ Wah Datin, ada butik baru.. Congrats!!! Kat mana butik baru? boleh saya cuci mata.. tapi cuci mata je la hehe
Fid ~ Eceh.. tuan punya badan tu macam tak reti jahit je kan???
Reen ~ If u asked yg ada tone colorful tu i beli kat Johor... and recently i found 1 kedai in Bangi...tapi bukan pearl tu.. Round beads size 6/0 and 8/0
K Aishah ~ Terima kasih kak.. the one and only kekdah nye.. i loike!! hehehe..

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